Flatbed Towing Service in Charlotte, NC

Queen City Towing offers professional flatbed towing services in Charlotte and surrounding cities for any type of vehicle. We operate 24 hours a day and 7 days week and will always be there when you need us. We are a 24/7 towing and roadside service company.
Flatbed Tow Truck Charlotte, NC

I am sure you have several questions when it comes to flatbed truck towing like:

What is Flatbed Towing?

Flatbed towing is the safest alternative for moving any vehicle since it removes the vehicle from contact with the road. Cars that have been severely damaged in an accident will avoid any more risk of damage when safely loaded on our flatbed tow trucks. It is guaranteed safe and is an affordable alternative to standard towing. It is also the best option for long distance towing as it reduces the risk of further damage.

When to tow your car with a flatbed towing and when use wheel lift towing or hook and tow?

Why Flatbed towing?

When you call our 24 hour towing company, you will be asked if you require a wheel lift towing or a flatbed towing. Many customers do not know the difference between these 2 towing services.

Wheel lift tow trucks, also called hook and chain is essentially a hook and go method of towing. A wheel lift service is required when you need to tow front wheel drive suspension car. It is done by simply hooking the front wheel of your car on to the trailer while the 2 rear wheels stay on the ground.

On the other hand, the flatbed truck option will transport your vehicle with all 4 wheels of the ground. If your car is not drivable at all the tow truck driver will be pulling your car on the flatbed of the tow truck with a winch.
Flatbed towing is the only safe solution for the 4 wheel drive cars but also heavier equipment, bulldozers or tractors.

When you consider choosing one of the services you should consider the price but more importantly the safety level at which your vehicle is transported.
Usually, flatbed towing rates in Charlotte, NC are higher than a wheel lift tow service but also depends on how far you want your vehicle towed.

We talked about flatbed tow trucks being the safest but on the other hand, if you don’t mind some extra scratch or minor damage that may occur to your car during the transportation when the truck hits any potholes or cracks in the road than a wheel lift towing definitely is a cheaper solution.

Another difference between the 2 tow trucks is the weight they can handle. While the flatbed truck can handle almost any weight the wheel lift method is limited. If you have a bigger SUV or truck you may want to consider using a flatbed tow truck.

How much is a flatbed towing?

It is always good to know what price to expect when you call for a tow truck. It is important to have a reputable towing companies phone number already saved in your phone and not waste your time google-ing around for “flatbed towing truck near me”. This can save you not only time but most importantly money.

The last thing you want when you are involved in an accident, your car breaks down or you just want to tow your vehicle to a repair shop is to overpay for the service.
In Charlotte, NC, towing charges within the city limits are subject to variation. Additional fees may be incurred for towing over longer distances, with the overall cost depending on the miles traveled.

Can you tow an all wheel drive car in neutral?

Because of the extra traction in snow and wet road they offer, the number of calls we receive for towing services needed for this type of vehicles have been increasing lately.

It is important to know that, these vehicles can only be towed with a flatbed tow truck as all 4 wheels need to be lifted from the ground to avoid severe transmission damage.

While the front and rear wheel drive cars can be also towed by a hook and go truck for a 4-wheel drive car or all-wheel drive car this is not the best solution.

Can you tow an automatic car in neutral?

Yes. You can only tow an automatic car in Neutral! If your car is not going in neutral you will risk damaging the transmission by towing it, and we only recommend towing it on a flatbed tow truck because it will keep the wheels up from the ground.
We want to give a big shout-out to our friends from Fort Wayne Towing for helping out with one of our tows last week

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