One of the frequent question we received lately is Can You Tow A Motorcycle?

motorcycle towing Charlotte NC

We have no restrictions here. In addition, we have the ability to tow two-wheeled vehicles. We recognize that all automobiles, including two-wheelers, can have issues.

We’ve trained our technicians to tow a variety of cars, including four-wheel and two-wheel vehicles.

Motorcycles need special care when being towed. Three common ways to do so include flatbed towing, two wheel towing, and cradling. All three methods have their advantages and disadvantages. Motorcycle towing requires special skills and tools. You should hire professionals who have experience in handling heavy loads. They will know what precautions need to be taken when moving your bike. A professional motorbike transporter will take care of every aspect of the job so there won’t be any problems during transport.

If you cannot start your motorcycle, then there is something wrong. Contact us today and let us fix whatever issue may exist. We have been around long enough to understand how varied the needs of individual customers can be. That said, we are always able to deliver excellent services at competitive prices. In addition to being knowledgeable about motorcycles, we also possess the necessary equipment and expertise needed to perform any type of repair or maintenance work. This means that no matter what kind of car or bike you need to be towed, we can handle it without having to worry about anything else.

We serve Charlotte and surrounding areas. Motorcycles, trikes, scooters, ATVs, UTVs, and golf carts with two, three, or four wheels are our specialty. Loading and unloading motorcycles in a safe manner. Call us at (704) 773-9165 for your motorcycle towing needs.

What does motorcycle roadside assistance cover?

Our roadside assistance covers all kinds of vehicles including motorcycles. This means we will tow your vehicle back to the location of your choice or the nearest shop or garage where mechanics will fix whatever needs fixing.

Our motorcycle roadside assistance includes:

Battery service:

When your bike won’t start, you call Queen City Towing, your motorcycle roadside assistance provider in Charlotte and surrounding areas. We will send someone who jumps your motorcycle or tows it to a place where you can fix it.

Flat Tire:

Flat tires require immediate attention when they occur. Motorcycle Roadside Assistance provides emergency services including towing to the closest authorized dealer or other qualified facilities.

Fluid Delivery:

Our motorcycle tow truck services offer emergency roadside assistance when your bike breaks down due to mechanical failure.

Motorcycle Towing Service:

If your bike is inoperable and needs to be moved, your motorcycle roadside assistance service will tow it to your requested location.

Why & When To Use Our Service:

You’re exhausted from riding for a long time
You’re trying to avoid a DUI
You need to get your bike repaired, but you don’t have time to get to the shop.
Call us at (704) 773-9165 if you’re out of gas or have mechanical problems, a dead battery, and need assistance getting back on the road.
You’re relocating and require assistance in transporting your motorcycle.
You have multiple bicycles and require assistance.

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