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You may be traveling and left your car in the airport parking lot just to get back and realize you left your lights on inside the vehicle and now your car won’t start. Now you are dealing with having a case of a battery dead at the airport. This is not fun at all! But don’t panic. There is always a solution.

You will need a jump start service for your vehicle in order to start your vehicle again. Our car jump service will assist you with jump to start the battery of your vehicle.

Need a jumpstart service? Queen City Towing is there for you! Call (704)773-9165.

It is not uncommon to find your car battery dead. It’s happening all the time. You might be asking yourself why is it happening to you?
There can be several reasons for it. It could be because you unwillingly left your light on for a long period of time, the fuses, battery corrosion, a faulty alternator, problems with the ignition switch or the starter connection, or just your vehicle starter don’t want to collaborate with you. Also, keep in mind that a battery over time will slowly lose the ability to hold a good state of charge.

There are several other ways to start your vehicle after your car battery went dead if you decide not to call a towing company.

  • Using another car and a jump start cable

If you decide to do it yourself just because you think that a jumpstart service price won’t fit in your budget please make sure that both cars are in manual for this process. See here how it’s done correctly.

No matter the reason for your car not starting, we are here to take care of this problem. We are here to jump start your car without another car, because in some cases jumping your battery car with a help of a jumpstart cable and another car can damage both of the ca batteries and its best done by a professional.

We offer fast reliable and affordable jump start service so there is no need to call a friend or a neighbor to help out. Your safety is our priority. This is the reason why our trucks are equipped with the best tools needed to get any roadside assistance jumpstart service done.
After you battery jump your car with cables you may be wondering” how long does a battery last after a jump start?” After you gave your car a jump, you need to let your vehicle to run for a few minutes to help the newly started battery to charge and then drive around at least 30 minutes before stopping your vehicle again. Otherwise, you might need another jumpstart. You should get your car battery checked by a professional after a jumpstart.

There is nothing worse than being stranded when you have somewhere important to be. Never miss a meeting or rendezvous again. Queen City Towing is ready to get you back on the road!

  • The bump start method

You probably heard about the bump start method or starting your car without cables, with the “let’s get some friends or strangers to push my truck” method. While this sounds easy, it’s not and it’s definitely not recommended for automatic cars.

It might be working for manual cars if you know how to do it, but most of us in Georgia have automatic cars, so the answer to your question: “can I push start an automatic car with a dead battery”? it’s definitely NO. At least not any automatic cars made in the last 40 years, because the automatic gearbox prevents the vehicle from rolling.
Sometimes it is difficult or impossible to get help when you need a jumpstart. We are ready 7 days a week to help get you out of a dead battery jam. We are always only minutes away and will help you get on your way.

We promise you, in less than 30 minutes you will be on the road again. Call (704)773-9165 for help with your dead battery.

  • Carrying around a portable power pack

The 3rd method is a free jump start, if you carry around all times a portable power pack in your truck. These devices carry enough charge to jumpstart your car with little or no effort, but you need to spend some money upfront and invest in one and that never take it out of your trunk except to charge it from time to time. Hopefully, you won’t forget this little detail.

Never feel helpless again. Queen City Towing has years of experience helping stranded motorists. We excel at being there when you need us call (704)773-9165

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