Know what price you can expect when you are calling for towing services in the Charlotte area.

Determining how much a towing service costs in Charlotte NC area depends on knowing the answer to some basic questions.

  1. How many miles will your call be towed?

Towing companies have a basic rate called the hook up fee for their towing service that they offer and a mileage fee that is added to the basic fee. What does this mean? It means that if you need a tow truck in Charlotte NC, you will probably get a basic price between $70- $125 and a $2-$5/ mile fee added to your final to service cost.

Most of the times the basic rate will cover the first 5-10 miles (this depends on each towing company’s offer). In this case, after the first 5-10 miles, every mile they run will be charged and added to your total tow service cost. So, the price is determined by the miles traveled after hook up.

Be cautious of some towing companies that entice you with seemingly low initial rates to secure your business. They may offer an attractive hook-up fee but then impose a significantly higher per-mile charge, often not disclosed upfront unless you inquire specifically. It's essential to understand the details of the pricing structure, including whether any miles are included in the hook-up fee and how much additional miles will cost. This information can significantly impact the overall cost of the service, and it's crucial to clarify these details before making a decision on which towing service to use. Always inquire about the specifics of the mileage charges and what is included in the initial fee to avoid unexpected expenses.

Always ask the company you call how about the number of miles(if any) included in the hookup fee. Some companies offer a few miles included but others do not. You have to decide if this is something that would work for you.

  1. When do you need the towing or roadside assistance?

Most 24hour towing companies have an overtime charge added to the basic hookup fee for service calls made late night, weekends or holidays. This could be between 20%- 50% more. These prices apply most of the time between 10 pm and 7 am. Always check with your towing company if the price offered is a late night towing price or a weekend price, and if you can wait until the next day for a lower rate, ask what that would be.

The weather condition is also a factor that towing companies will take in consideration when quoting a tow job. If it’s icy and snowing outside, the price might be increased with some extra labor cost.

  1. What car do you have?

Some tow companies charge 20-25% more when towing a truck or other heavy duty vehicles or equipment. This is because the work involved in the hook up is harder, the vehicle needs to be better restrained and the load is heavier. Some vehicles are more complicated to secure than others. Motorcycles take the longest time to secure them with straps.

  1. Where is your location?

If the terrain is difficult, like narrow roads, winding and muddy roads or if your car is stuck in a ditch or mud, the cost of the roadside service or towing service could go up, the tow truck will most likely need a winch.

A freeway/highway recovery (dangerous for both the driver and you) no available keys, no wheels on the car ( no rolling conditions), low clearance parking structures and other factors could also affect the tow truck service cost, the initial hook up fee being higher.

  1. Why do you need a tow truck?

Usually, the calls we receive most frequently are “my car is broken” ones. These are the least expensive tow service calls. When you call because you were involved in an accident, the price you will pay its higher. Towing a car involved in an accident comes with a higher cost as its more time and attention to details involved.

There are several other factors that can influence the price for a tow or roadside service, and in most cities around Charlotte, there is no limit fixed by the city how high the prices can go.

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