Flat Tire Change

Flat tires always occur at the worst time possible. Whether you are on your way to an important meeting or a first date, a blown tire can ruin your day. Potholes, nails, glass, or other debris on the road can easily puncture your tires.

If you notice that your car starts to shake with a slight up and down motion, pull over because you definitely have a flat tire,

Please do not drive on a flat, because it can cause irreversible damage to the tire & more damage to your car than it would cost to fix a flat tire. Driving with a flat tire, especially at high speeds, could cause a fatal accident.

Wheels are not designed to carry the weight of your vehicle. Diving with a flat will just add to the cost of flat tire repair the cost of a new wheel.

Of course, it is important to get out of the traffic safely before you stop but don’t drive on a flat more than you need. When out of traffic, find the most leveled place you can find and examine the affected area.

After you are in a safe place and able to assess the situation search for the spare and the jack in your trunk. Hopefully, you have one and you have the knowledge on how to change a flat tire yourself and be back on the road again.

   Most automakers choose to eliminate flat tires from new cars but add a kit to patch the tire or they are equipping your car with run flat tires.       Run-flat or zero-pressure tires can support the vehicle’s weight for a short time, providing the driver with about 50 miles of range to find a repair shop. Drivers will usually have to reduce speed to about 50 mph to get the maximum range. The tires sidewalls are heavily reinforced to support the vehicle when the air pressure is low or even when the tire has lost all its pressure.
   While it may sound like the perfect solution, car owners and car shoppers should know about the trade-offs:

  • Vehicles equipped with run-flats do not carry a spare wheel and tire, which means they don’t have a jack or tools either.
  • Blowouts are still possible: If a driver fails to heed or notice the warnings and drives beyond the zero-pressure range or above the speed limitation, the tire can begin to disintegrate, with the same destabilizing effects.
  • Run-flat tires are more expensive to replace. Prices will vary by tire type and purchase location

If you find yourself unable to change your tire on your own for varies reasons, call Queen City Towing,

No matter how prepared you are there is always the chance that you are going to need help. Queen City Towing can take the stress out of these situations by offering fast and friendly tire change services.

We are available 7 days a week and are always only a few minutes away in the Charlotte, NC area. We will show up and get you back on your way with either professional tire repair or installation of the spare for your vehicle.

Our roadside assistance service offers convenient, fast and affordable tire change service. Our towing trucks are equipped with the right tools to replace/ fix a flat with the spare tire you have. If we arrive on-site for a car tire change but you don’t have a spare tire to replace the damaged one, we will tow you to the closest tire repair shop or the store of your choice.

There is nothing worse than frantically searching your phone for companies that may be able to help on weekend hours or even the middle of the night.

 A reliable emergency roadside assistance company can be a lifesaver. As long as you have your cell phone, you have access to help. Just search for “flat tire fix near me” or “tire change near me” or “ road assistance near me” and Queen City Towing has you covered any time of day with our mobile tire service and makes it easy to get back on the road.

We are a full service roadside assistance company, with the majority of our calls being emergencies that require quick response time. This is the reason we are the best roadside assistance service. We recognize the need for speed and we make sure that the tow truck operators are fully trained and equipped to handle every roadside assistance & towing emergency.

Queen City Towing proudly offers roadside tire service in Charlotte, NC and all its surrounding cities including Matthews, Mint Hill, Pineville, Gastonia, Harrisburg, Huntersville, and Concord.

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