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You always hear car experts on TV telling viewers at home to get their car battery checked every so often. What many people don’t think to mention, however, is where to get a free battery check in Charlotte, NC. Where do you go for this?

While Queen City Towing still provides a fast and affordable jumpstart, it’s a good idea to know when to replace the battery. Below are some useful suggestions, for when you need your car battery inspected, to ensure a safe driving experience.

Start at the Battery Store

Many national auto parts retailers and some dedicated battery shop locations offer free testing services for many brands and vehicles. AutoZone advertises a complimentary service with their battery charger that provides a full charge in about half an hour.

And if your vehicle is too far beyond what a quick car battery charger can replenish, they have other options. Even a discount battery is a better solution than facing a breakdown or getting stuck with an inoperable car.

Some AAA Facilities

It makes sense to speak with the company that provides your roadside assistance program to inspect your battery for problems. Handling troublesome car batteries now will create a lot less work than when you find yourself next to Highway 51 27, I77, I85 or anywhere around Charlotte NC.

In addition to inspecting your vehicle, they may also offer to jump start car batteries or even charge them instead. It’s worth speaking with your roadside service company to find out how they can help you and what the cost is for services.

Dealership for Rechargeable Batteries

One of the selling points for those interested in electric or hybrid vehicles is that most manufacturers provide battery warranties. It’s essential, to find out ahead of time, what care and maintenance these types of battery need since a typical battery jump starter could cause severe vehicle damage. These batteries may require a special charger.

Cars generally have one of four different types of battery. The battery price of service or replacement will depend on the type, such as lithium ion, and on whether or not it is under warranty with the manufacturer.

Try a Mechanic

It’s always a good idea to know your mechanic, especially before a towing company has to drop your car off. While national mechanic shops, such as Tire Kingdom, may offer a free battery test, it’s wise to ask them beforehand.

Some shops insist on a full diagnostic test, which is useful, but they could charge premium pricing for their time. Just like with a tow truck company, it’s best to ask for their cost upfront before they start any work.

Is Your Battery Chargeable?

As a towing company, we meet many dismayed drivers who insist that they had charged their battery before driving. However, if your cells have already worn out, most of that time spent fueling the battery went to waste.

If your battery can’t maintain a charge above 12 volts for more than 30 seconds, it likely won’t charge again. Or, if there is physical damage to the outer shell, then the battery isn’t safe.

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